Who We Are

Who We Are

Founded in 2013, The National Federation of Youth NGOs Nepal (NFYN) is a non-profit, national-level umbrella organization. Comprised of a dedicated team of youth professionals, NFYN stands as a cornerstone of Nepal’s youth rights movement. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, NFYN's mission revolves around empowering youth groups to enhance the living standards of Nepal’s youth through advocacy and facilitation of youth-friendly opportunities. Notably, NFYN operates strictly on a non-political basis. Presently, NFYN operates in all seven provinces and across over sixty-five districts of the country.

Why We Exist

In Nepal, youth face a multitude of problems that hold them back from reaching their full potential. Every year 350,000 youths enter the job market, from that 35,000 are able to obtain jobs domestically, 100,000 migrate abroad for employment, and the rest remain unemployed. The lack of employment options for youth has resulted in 46% of employed youths being underemployed.

Nepal’s government system is characterized by constant change, and demagogue leaders. In this time of transition, policy reform is critical to the success of Nepal. The government has made effective strides in the inclusion of youth with the 2015 National Youth Policy, however, there is still a long journey ahead. To ensure effective policies there needs to be equal participation of stakeholders, transparency and accountability in government and productive action.

Sustainable and broad-based development is crucial for the development of Nepal. To ensure Nepal’s success there is a need for effective cooperation between all stakeholders. NFYN has been established to facilitate constructive dialogue among youth, government organizations and stakeholders. Through this NFYN hopes to establish an economically prosperous and socially just society.

Our vision, Mission, and Objectives

Vision:  To advance the capacity of youth by emphasizing meaningful participation and promotion in policy formation and decision-making.

Mission: Be the voice of the youth by empowering the youth and youth lead organizations by encouraging their participation in cross-cutting issues through leadership training, advocacy, dialogue, entrepreneurship support, and capacity development


The main objectives of the federation are

1. To strengthen the capacity of youth and youth lead organizations to enhance their participation in policy intervention, economic growth, and decision making

2. To mobilize youth to carry out effective research on cross-cutting issues such as social equality, health, education, employment, advocacy, environment, climate change, and so on.

3. To work in close partnership with Government, International agencies, and like-minded organizations to carry out different programs ensuring the effective and efficient development of the Nation

4. Support youth civil society organizations in improving public service delivery mechanisms, public advocacy, government engagement, and legislation