Technical Advisors

Internal Technical Advisor 

Mr. Kumar Khadka 

Mr. Kumar Khadka is a Technical Advisor of National Federation of Youth NGOs Nepal. He is a PhD fellow and researcher in the International Relations and Conflict Management Program at Kennesaw State University, United States. He possesses a wealth of experience as an international development and aid professional, showcasing a broad spectrum of inter-disciplinary skills including expertise in program design and development, adept implementation and management, strategic planning and organizational management, training and capacity building, expertise in grant making, business development, and resource mobilization. Additionally, he demonstrates competence in financial oversight, monitoring and evaluation, and excels in conducting research, data analysis, and producing high-quality documentation, including the creation of complex donor reports, briefing notes, fact-sheets, and policy briefs, etc. Mr. Khadka boasts a profound cross-sectional experience, encompassing local and sub-national governance, federalism, GEDSI, with a specific focus on advocating for women, girls, youth, sexual and gender minorities, and other marginalized and vulnerable populations. His professional portfolio extends to humanitarian affairs, DRRM and climate change, and emergency response, covering a wide range of crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and natural as well as man-made complex disasters and emergencies, including earthquakes, floods, landslides, conflict, and peacebuilding efforts. Moreover, he has expertise in livelihoods and women's economic empowerment related programming, encompassing various value chains and women-led-MSMEs, along with fostering private sector partnerships, etc. Notably, Mr. Khadka has conducted numerous in-depth studies pertaining to Nepal's peace process and remains deeply engaged in addressing current political and development issues. His expertise is widely recognized, as evidenced by his facilitation and speaking roles at both national and international conferences, training sessions, and workshops.” His background includes senior positions with a number of national and international organizations, including the United Nations. He has conducted several studies on contemporary political and development issues, and facilitated and spoke at several national and international conferences, training, and workshops. In his role at NFYN, he is responsible for project design, crafting impactful proposals, program development, and guiding project implementation and execution. His expertise ensures that projects are well-structured, efficiently planned, and effectively carried out.


Community- based Disaster Response and Managenment- Project "Technical Advisors"

The technical Advisors (TAs) are developed as the ToT for the project " Community Based Disaster Response and Management". They are responsible for strengthening the community through the capacity building training to the disaster management volunteers of the community. The technical advisors has been developed as ToT in the field of disaster risk reduction and Mental health and psychosocial support. Our 12 talented and enthusiastic TA are comitted to address the issues of the community for making it disaster resilient. The project has been implemented by NFYN at ward no. 15, 17 and 27 of Kathmandu Meteropolitan City (KMC) and the TAs has been selected in from the same areas. Here are the 12 technical Advisors of KMC ward no. 15, 17 and 27