Board Members

Mr. Shashi Sharma Majgainya-Central President

Shashi Sharma Majgainya is a multifaceted individual whose dynamic contributions extend across various domains, distinguishing him as a proactive force in Nepal's social, developmental, and cultural landscape. Renowned as a proactive, results-driven social activist, writer, and development practitioner, Majgainya boasts a wealth of experience and expertise spanning over a decade. His endeavors encompass diverse fields, including social justice, good governance, human rights, mass communication, media, disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM), health initiatives, environmental sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and climate change.

With an educational background in Law, Rural Development, and Sociology from the esteemed Tribhuvan University of Nepal, Majgainya furthered his academic pursuits by obtaining a Master's Degree in English Literature and Political Science. Additionally, his registration as an Advocate with the Nepal Bar Council underscores his comprehensive academic foundation and commitment to legal expertise.

At the helm of the National Federation of Youth NGO Nepal (NFYN) as the Central President, Majgainya assumes a leadership role in shaping strategic direction, planning, and policy formulation for the organization. He spearheads projects and fosters seamless coordination with governmental and non-governmental sectors, leveraging his extensive network and expertise. Moreover, his active engagement in policy-making processes, particularly in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, underscores his influence in shaping national agendas.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Majgainya is celebrated as a prolific lyricist and renowned public speaker in Nepal. His impactful compositions enrich the nation's cultural landscape, reflecting both artistic expression and societal advancement. These contributions further solidify his standing as a multifaceted and influential figure in Nepal's contemporary scene.

Mr. Dipak Karki-Central - Vice President 


Dipak Karki holds the position of Vice-President at NFYN, where he spearheads the team's strategic initiatives by crafting annual plans, managing relationships with local and international partners, and meticulously overseeing program reviews and monitoring. With an impressive track record spanning over 15 years, Dipak has played a pivotal role in leading youth rights movements and driving impactful programs.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, he brings more than 15 years of expertise in entrepreneurship development in Nepal. Currently at the helm of UDDHAMI GHAR, a thriving entrepreneurial hub in Lalitpur, Dipak orchestrates the reception and promotion of diverse products sourced from entrepreneurs nationwide. His proactive approach extends to actively marketing these products, showcasing his unwavering commitment to youth leadership, entrepreneurship development, and the principles of good governance. Dipak's dynamic engagement reflects his dedication to fostering sustainable development in Nepal, making him a key player in the country's progress.

Mr. Raju Sunar- Central General Secretary

Raju Sunar currently serves as the Central General Secretary at NFYN, where he plays a pivotal role in orchestrating crucial board meetings, implementing decisions derived from these sessions, and collaborating with the president to compile comprehensive annual reports. With a substantial background in board leadership across various NGOs in Nepal, Raju brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his current position.

In addition to his organizational responsibilities, Raju is an impassioned social activist, having played a crucial role in establishing entities such as the Dalit Handicrafts Federation, Jay Nepal Social Youth Association, Chakra Bahadur Memorial Pathasala, and more. His unwavering dedication to sustainable youth development in Nepal is evident through his tireless efforts.

Currently pursuing a master's degree in Sociology and Anthropology studies, Raju possesses both practical and theoretical knowledge, enabling him to effectively connect people with the principles of development. His commitment extends to uplifting the dalit community, actively engaging in their holistic development. As a prominent and dedicated activist within the dalit community, he tirelessly works to bridge the gap between dalit youth and mainstream policy discussions. Raju's leadership role in the dalit movement in Nepal has earned him recognition as a groundbreaking figure, further solidifying his commitment to enhancing the status of all Nepalis, irrespective of ethnicity, caste, gender, or socioeconomic status.

Ms. Shishila Baniya - Central Secretary

Shishila Baniya holds the position of Central Secretary at NFYN, where she actively supports the activities of the secretary general. In her role, Shishila plays a crucial part in coordinating with government bodies and managing communication with donor agencies on behalf of NFYN. With a master's degree in environmental science, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization, particularly contributing to the development of environmentally focused projects.

Shishila's extensive background includes significant experience in environmental work with various NGOs, community-based organizations (CBOs), and governmental bodies. Her expertise and deep understanding of environmental issues make her an invaluable asset in shaping NFYN's initiatives in this realm.

Her contribution is pivotal in driving NFYN's efforts towards the development of environmental programs. Leveraging NFYN's extensive experience in environmental sustainability, Shishila actively engages with stakeholders and agencies to formulate and execute impactful programs and projects. Through her dedicated efforts, she ensures effective communication and collaboration for the successful implementation of NFYN's initiatives in the environmental sector.

Mr. Hemant Sharan Bagale - Central Spokesperson

Hemant Sharan Bagale serves as the Central Spokesperson at NFYN, where he is responsible for communication with development partners and disseminating important notices and information to the public. In his role as a spokesperson, Hemant not only ensures the clarity of messages but actively contributes to the development of key messages. He orchestrates press meetings and articulates the stance of NFYN in various public forums.

With a commendable track record of over 15 years, Hemant has been a driving force in leading youth rights movements and programs in Nepal. As a student of English literature and political science, Bagale possesses in-depth knowledge of contemporary issues, leveraging his expertise to guide NFYN in addressing pertinent social matters.

Hemant's effective communication with different stakeholders and media outlets plays a pivotal role in NFYN's collaboration with media agencies. His adept handling of messages ensures timely and accurate conveyance of the organization's objectives, contributing to NFYN's ability to collaborate effectively and convey the right message at the right time.

Mr. Pradip Prasad Chaulagain - Central Treasurer

Pradip Prasad Chaulagain serves as the Central Treasurer of NFYN, overseeing all aspects of finances, including fundraising, budgeting, and financial reporting. With an extensive background in working with development organizations in Nepal, Pradip is dedicated to implementing robust governance mechanisms across NGOs in the country.

Holding a master's degree in Finance and Management, Chaulagain possesses deep knowledge in financial management and transparency. Having ascended from the staff level (Finance Officer) within NFYN, he maintains a profound attachment to the financial development and management of the organization. In addition to his responsibilities within NFYN, Pradip also leads a savings and cooperative organization, showcasing his extensive knowledge of current financial affairs.

Pradip's role as the Central Treasurer is integral to NFYN, and he leverages his broad expertise in financial management to contribute significantly to the organization's growth and sustainability. His commitment to transparency and financial prudence makes him a valuable asset to NFYN's financial endeavors.


Mr. Pratik Sharma- Central Co-Spokesperson

Pratik Sharma serves as the central Co-Spokesperson for NFYN, where he effectively communicates the organization's diverse activities to the public. In addition to his role at NFYN, Pratik is a prominent journalist and social activist within the country. As a Co-Spokesperson, he plays a crucial role in disseminating key information to various national and international media outlets. Pratik is responsible for organizing press meetings and articulating NFYN's stance in the absence of a designated spokesperson.

Given his background as a mass communication and media student, Pratik's engagement in mainstream media allows him to swiftly correspond news and information. He exhibits a rapid sense of communication, facilitating efficient interaction with provincial and district teams. Pratik collaborates closely with these teams, providing support to enhance project development and conveying information for new events. His active involvement ensures NFYN's presence at the local level, contributing to the organization's outreach and impact.

Ms. Alka Subedi- Central Co-Tresasurer

Alka Subedi holds the position of Central Co-Treasurer at NFYN, where she actively supports the Treasurer in financial, fundraising, and budgeting activities. In addition to her role at NFYN, Alka is a well-known model and actress in the country, actively engaging in various social initiatives.

As a student of business and finance, Alka brings a deep understanding of financial management to her position. Within NFYN, she collaborates with the Treasurer to manage daily finances, provide financial projections for different programs and projects, and oversee procurement processes in line with the organization's policies. Alka plays a vital role in ensuring program control adheres to the organization's financial policies.

Beyond her financial responsibilities, Alka is a renowned model in the Nepali music industry, having featured in numerous music videos. She also takes an active role in facilitating cultural programs at NFYN and coordinates with relevant stakeholders. Her multifaceted contributions reflect her commitment to both financial management and the cultural vibrancy of NFYN.

Ms. Shobha Ghimire- Central Member

Sova Ghimire, a board member and secretariat member of NFYN, actively cultivates partnerships with both governmental and non-governmental organizations to execute planned activities. Her strategic networking and visionary leadership play a crucial role in enhancing the organization's capacity for impactful youth empowerment and community development initiatives. With decades of experience in the sectors of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI), Human Rights, and Entrepreneurship Development, Sova holds a pivotal role in promoting women's economic empowerment in Nepal.

Drawing on her extensive experience, Sova has been passionately involved in initiatives to make women self-empowered and generate employment opportunities through entrepreneurship development in over fifty-five districts in Nepal. As a GESI expert, Sova effectively enhances NFYN and its networks, contributing significantly to the organization's mission. She stands as a valuable asset to NFYN, bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience to advance the organization's goals and impact.

Mr. Raj Kumar Acharya- Central Member 

Central Committee Member Raj Kumar Acharya's diverse skill set and extensive training make him a pivotal figure within NFYN . His expertise in finance, cooperative management, entrepreneurship, and disaster management provides a solid foundation for his contributions to the organization. Acharya's commitment to continuous learning, evident through his certifications in leadership, cooperative act and rules, cyber security, and disaster management, showcases his dedication to staying updated in relevant fields.

His ongoing research as a PhD scholar on the challenges posed by drug trafficking and its impact on Nepali society demonstrates a deep understanding of societal issues, aligning well with NFYN's objectives of community development and empowerment. As a trainer, Acharya shares his knowledge with NFYN members, fostering a culture of skill development within the organization. His background as a psycho-sociologist adds a unique perspective, enhancing NFYN's approach to community development by considering psychological and sociological factors. Acharya's expertise in disaster management, particularly in utilizing data during disasters, positions him as a valuable resource for NFYN's emergency response efforts and initiatives aimed at enhancing disaster resilience.

Overall, Raj Kumar Acharya's multifaceted profile highlights his indispensable role in driving NFYN's mission of youth empowerment and holistic community development, making him a dynamic and essential board member.

Mr. Birkha Sunar-Central Member 

Birkha Sunar, a central member of NFYN, is equipped with a master's degree in Environmental Protection and Management. His pivotal role revolves around harnessing his expertise to spearhead the development of comprehensive programs and projects related to environmental sustainability, climate change, and biodiversity. Holding a master's deegree in environmental science and management,with a solid academic foundation and a profound commitment to sustainability, he plays a crucial role in guiding NFYN towards crafting impactful initiatives that address pressing environmental challenges.

As an environmentalist, Mr. Sunar leads efforts in environmental research and project development at NFYN, contributing significantly to the organization's commitment to promoting environmental sustainability. His expertise and dedication serve as valuable assets in shaping NFYN's initiatives for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Mr. Sajan Shrestha- Central Member 

Sajan Shrestha, a central member of NFYN, holds a bachelor's degree in Administration, Finance, and Accounting. His primary role is to provide crucial support to the Treasurer and Co-Treasurer, overseeing the organization's financial activities. Mr. Shrestha plays a vital part in managing finances, fundraising, budgeting, and financial reporting, ensuring the financial integrity and transparency of NFYN. Additionally, he actively participates in program development and execution.

As a member of the Alternative Foundation, a partner organization, Mr. Shrestha actively promotes NFYN, fostering partnerships with other agencies. His dynamic and energetic approach is evident in his active engagement in volunteer mobilization at NFYN. Through his multifaceted contributions, Mr. Shrestha significantly enhances NFYN's financial and programmatic capacities, contributing to the organization's overall effectiveness and impact.

Ms. Kabita Nhemhafuki- Central Member 

Kabita Nhemhafuki is a proactive board member of the National Federation of Youth NGOs Nepal (NFYN), bringing a wealth of expertise to the organization. With a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management, she currently lends her skills to Aasaman Nepal.

Having a robust professional background, Ms. Nhemhafuki has collaborated with various NGOs and INGOs, including ICIMOD, where she focused on critical areas such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, spring shed and watershed management, climate change advocacy, sustainable development, smart agriculture, and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) of multiple development projects. With a clear vision, she is committed to inspiring young individuals to deepen their connection with the environment.

Ms. Nhemhafuki not only contributes actively to proposal writing and reporting but also stands out for her technical proficiency, excelling in technical writing. Her proactive involvement in project seeking positions her as a strong asset within NFYN, where she actively works towards fortifying and enhancing the protection of the natural environment.

Mr. Bhim Prasad Bagale- Central member

Bhim Prasad Bagale, a central member of NFYN, assumes a pivotal role in fostering collaborations with both local and national partners. His responsibilities extend to program review and monitoring, where he ensures the effective implementation of initiatives.

With an impressive decade-long tenure in youth-led organizations, Mr. Bagale's dedication and passion drive him to contribute his extensive expertise to the realm of youth development. His wealth of experience significantly enhances NFYN's capability to create meaningful impacts and establish global partnerships for the betterment of the youth community.

As a technical student from CTEVT, Mr. Bagale actively engages in mobilizing youth for technical training and education. His commitment is further evident through his active participation in volunteer mobilization at NFYN, focusing on technical education and skill development. Mr. Bagale has played a key role in contributing to NFYN's development of technical education-based programs and training initiatives. His multifaceted involvement underscores his commitment to empowering youth through both education and skill development.

Ms. Rupa Kathayat-Central Member 

Ms. Rupa Kathayat, a central member of NFYN, hails from Dipayal-Silgadhi, Doti. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science, she brings over five years of dedicated experience in the development sector, specializing in environmental management and climate change adaptation. Ms. Kathayat's commitment and expertise play a crucial role in NFYN's initiatives addressing environmental issues and preparing for the impacts of climate change.

She actively contributes to the development and execution of environmental-based programs within NFYN, displaying her coordination and communication skills with various line agencies and stakeholders. Ms. Kathayat plays an integral role in the development of provincial and district communities, particularly in the Sudurpaschhim province of Nepal. Her deep understanding of local governmental execution and networking proves invaluable, facilitating NFYN's effective connection with different levels of governance. Ms. Rupa Kathayat stands as a key contributor to NFYN's efforts in environmental sustainability and community development.

Ms. Tara Das Nepali- Central Member 

Tara Das Nepali, a central member of NFYN, excels in effectively communicating the organization's activities to political leaders and various stakeholders. Beyond her formal role, she is highly active in social work and brings extensive experience in social activities. Currently pursuing a degree in sociology and anthropology, Ms. Das deeply engages in social development programs, making substantial contributions to NFYN's initiatives.

Her adeptness in conveying NFYN's mission and initiatives, coupled with her social influence, amplifies the organization's outreach and impact in local communities. Ms. Das has a particular interest in community-led development programs, and her involvement in women empowerment and Dalit activism underscores her commitment to inclusive social change. She specifically focuses on empowering Dalit community women to achieve economic freedom and predominantly develops programs from a Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) perspective.

Ms. Tara Das stands as a significant asset in developing NFYN's programs inclusively, leveraging her expertise, social influence, and commitment to community-led development and empowerment initiatives.

Ms. Nisha Rai-Central Member 

Neesha Rai, a central member of NFYN, holds a master's degree in Environmental Management and possesses robust communication skills. Known for her adeptness in relationship-building, teamwork, and negotiation, she plays a pivotal role in NFYN's operations. Neesha is responsible for engaging with various stakeholders, marketing, and ensuring transparent communication about the organization's activities.

With extensive experience in data-based project execution and a background in working with governmental bodies, she is highly proactive in program evaluation and management. Ms. Rai demonstrates swift knowledge in environmental and disaster-related policies, contributing significantly to NFYN's initiatives. Her key responsibilities involve connecting with stakeholders, promoting NFYN, and facilitating clear communication regarding policies and programs.

Ms. Neesha Rai's effectiveness extends to developing and communicating NFYN's provincial and district-level committees, with a special focus on program development in the Koshi Province of Nepal. Her multifaceted skills make her an invaluable asset in promoting NFYN's goals and ensuring impactful communication and collaboration.

Mr. Sumant Yadav

Sumant Yadav, a central member of NFYN, brings a wealth of technical expertise with a Master's degree in Information Technology and over 5 years of professional experience. Currently overseeing IT operations at ScHEMS College, he plays a critical role within NFYN by managing all aspects related to computers and technology, ensuring the smooth execution of programs and effective communication of information to the public.

At NFYN, Mr. Yadav actively contributes to program development from a technical standpoint, emphasizing a techno-friendly approach. He is instrumental in managing data effectively and implementing technology solutions that enhance the organization's efficiency. His proactive stance in seeking program development through a technical lens makes him a valuable asset in shaping NFYN's technical and technological landscape.

Mr. Sumant Yadav's role is pivotal in ensuring NFYN stays at the forefront of technology, promoting innovation and efficiency in its programs and initiatives. Notably, he focuses on seeking and executing projects in the Madhesh province of Nepal, acting as the focal point for the region and demonstrating his dedication to its upliftment. With a personal connection to the area, he actively oversees project ideas and possibilities, consistently suggesting and working towards community development in the Madhesh province.

Ms. Bimila Kumari Shrestha- Central Member 

Ms. Bimala Kumari Shrestha, a central member at NFYN, holds a vital role in coordinating board activities, efficiently assisting the central secretary in organizing programs and activities. Given her active engagement in entrepreneurship development, she directs her focus on relevant programs, ensuring their successful execution at NFYN. Ms. Shrestha provides overall support to the staff in organizing various activities and programs, leveraging her organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail.

Her competence in ensuring effective communication and governance within the organization serves as a valuable asset for NFYN's program execution. Ms. Shrestha's dedication and support significantly contribute to the seamless functioning of NFYN's activities, demonstrating her commitment to the organization's mission and goals.