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Video Documentary of Earthquake and fire drill

DATE 2024-02-19

The earthquake and fire drill with an objective t improve the understanding and hands-on abilities of disaster management volunteers and community members/local residents regarding earthquake and fire disaster preparedness and response techniques through practical exercise was conducted in ward no. 27 of KMC . These exercises will involve evacuating victims from the affected area, categorizing victims, performing rescues action, providing initial medical assistance, extinguishing the fire and safely transporting victims to medical facilities. Please click on the download button to access the link of the video

The Volunteer Action Plan for DRRM

DATE 2023-07-14

The Volunteer Action Plan for Disaster Preparedness and Community Engagement is a comprehensive strategy formulated to enhance disaster management capabilities and promote community resilience through active volunteer engagement. This plan is aligned with the Disaster Risk Reduction National Strategic Action Plan 2018-2030, a national guiding document formulated by the Ministry of Home (MoH), Nepal Government. The National Strategic Action Plan (NSAP) draws from the lessons learned from past disasters such as the 2015 earthquake and the 2014 and 2017 floods, as well as the international Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030. The National Strategic Action Plan outlines four priorities: understanding disaster risks, strengthening the disaster risk governance system at various levels, promoting greater resilience through risk reduction information-based investments, and strengthening disaster preparedness for effective response and to "Build Back Better" in recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction. To support the successful implementation of this plan, the "Action Plan for Disaster Management Volunteers - a strategic guidebook" has been developed at the community level of three wards (15, 17 & 27) of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. This community-level guidebook for disaster management volunteer engagement and mobilization outlines strategies, guidelines, and specific activities for involving volunteers in disaster risk reduction efforts. It has been developed for a tenure of four years (FY 2080-2084) and will undergo regular reviews for further adjustments and improvements.

Art Book on Disaster Preperdness

DATE 2023-07-14

This beautiful book is a collection of stunning artwork created by talented students from Kathmandu Metropolitan City. The artworks were gathered from students in Ward No. 15, 17, and 27, making this book a true showcase of their creativity on disaster preparedness under the project titled “Community- based Disaster Response and Management in Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC). To bring these artworks together, we organized a one-day workshop entitled "Art Workshop on Community Awareness Activity on Disaster Preparedness" in each of the three wards. The workshop took place at Annupurna Higher Secondary School in Ward No. 27, Kanya Mandir Secondary School in Ward No. 17, and Shree Geeta Mata Secondary School in Ward No. 15. We want to express our gratitude to the following schools for providing talented students whose art is featured in this art book collection: Durbar High School, Sanskrit Secondary School, Annupurna Secondary School of ward no. 27, Brihaspati Vidhyasadan, Savyata Patsala, Little Angels School, Om Education Academy, Kanya Mandir Secondary School, Small Haven Boarding School, White Field Secondary School, Shree Balbikash Basic School of ward no.17 , Dallu Aawas Bidhyalaya, Maitri School, Shree Geeta Mata Secondary School, Buddhi Jyoti Academy, Modern Nepal Academy, New Arunodaya English Secondary School, Supreme Shiva Baba School, The Sunshine Boarding School, Triratna Aawashya Bidhalaya, Shree Janasudhar School, and Swornim School of ward no. 15. We would like to thank you to our facilitator Ms Kripa Tuladhar and Disaster Management Committee (DMC) and ward for their coordination and support. This collection of artwork aims to raise awareness in the community about the importance of disaster preparedness, specifically addressing the local hazards. Each piece of art serves as a reminder of the need to be ready for emergencies and to protect our community.

Hariyo Ban Program-Knowledge Sharing with Provincial Parliamentarians on Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation

DATE 2019-12-29

This project aimed at enhancement of knowledge and capacity of provincial parliamentarians, officials and local politicians from the perspective of biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation to improve the livelihoods of people residing in the Program implementation areas. The provincial parliamentarians realised that the importance of biodiversity and climate change resilience to bring into the policy domain. The realisation came into force due to the effective knowledge sharing method by the team of experts through the lectures and discussions to the pertinent issues of biodiversity conservation and climate change with respect to contemporary global challenges. However, parliamentarians also explore the critical areas of biodiversity conservation and the need of interventions to improve the situation.

Hariyo Ban Program-Green Recovery and Reconstruction Workshops for Members of Parliament and Political Leaders

DATE 2017-01-19

National Federation of Youth NGO Nepal (NFYN), with a grant from the Hariyo Ban Program, WWF Nepal, organized four workshops on Green Recovery and Reconstruction (GRR) for Members of Parliament (MPs) and Political Leaders from 14 districts in Nepal affected by the 2015 (2072 BS) earthquake. The workshops took place from August 25 to November 12, 2016. The main purpose was to sensitize Members of Parliament and Political Leaders on GRR approaches and to encourage them to integrate environmental perspectives and measures in recovery and reconstruction work in their constituencies.

Hariyo Ban Program-Report On Sensitization of Parliament Members on Policy Discourse of Biodiversity Conservation

DATE 2017-01-09

National Federation of Youth NGO Nepal (NFYN), with the support of Hariyo Ban Program, WWF Nepal conducted two workshops to sensitize and build the capacity of the members of the Legislative Parliament on biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation.

Hariyo Ban Program-Sensitization of District Level Political Leaders on Policy Discourse of Biodiversity Conservation

DATE 2015-12-12

National Federation for Youth NGO Nepal (NFYN), in generous support of WWF/Hariyo Ban Program has carried out this project to sensitize and build the capacity of the district level political leaders on bio-diversity conservation of the CHAL area. In the course of executing project and report preparation, we received overwhelming constructive support from various agencies and persons.