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Provincial Conference on Youth and SDGs in Province 7

DATE & Time: 2018-04-09 to 2018-04-09

Venue: Province 7, Nepal

To facilitate discussions surrounding youth and SDG implementation, NFYN hosted the Provincial Conference on Youth and SDGs in Province 7. The conference focused on three themes; the roles and challenges of The Youth Ministry in the promotion of youth, entrepreneurship development and youth employment counselling, and local governance strengthening and public-sector accountability. The conference provided youth the opportunity to network and learn from various ministers, leaders and experts. Overall, from 9 districts in Province 7, 111 youth participated in the conference. The Province 7 Conference on Youth and SDGs was achieved in collaboration with the Government of Nepal, the Far West Development Commission, Save the Children, the Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI), and Dish Home Media Network.