Project Details

Community-based Disaster Response and Management in KMC

DATE & Time: 2021-04-01 to 2023-08-31

Venue: Kathmandu

Background of Project

Nepal is a prone country in terms of multiple hazards which affect most human lives and physical properties every year. So, the government of Nepal has plans and processes for disaster preparedness, disaster response, disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation action, and disaster mitigation. This project aims to expand its support to the government to prepare and mitigate disasters in Nepal through close coordination with the working wards in order to improve the community-based disaster response from the community level. Transfer the knowledge, experiences, and lesson learned from past disasters in Japan to community-based disaster response and support strategies set out by the Nepal Government through capacity building of the Disaster Management Volunteers.

Project Information 

  • Project Name: Community-based Disaster Response and Management in Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) and Saptakoshi Muncapility of Saptari District 
  • Funding Partner: Japan International Support Program (JISP)
  • Coordination with: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC)
  • Project Duration: 3 years (April 2021-June 2024)
  • Project Working Area: Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward’s 15,17 and 27, and Saptakoshi Muncapilaty

Target Group:

Officials from the Disaster Management Department, Ward Disaster Management Committee Members, Disaster Management Volunteers, Health Professionals from Urban Health Department,  Community, Leaders, Social Workers from Social Organizations, and Graduate students & Nursing Students and Nursing Professionals.

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