Community Based MHPSS Training

DATE & Time 2023-02-23 09:30:00

Venue Ward no 15, 17 and 27

Capacity building training to the disaster management Volunteers of ward no 15,17 and 27 on Mental health and Psychosocial (MHPSS) from 13-23 February 2023

Preparation Training for Technical Advisors

DATE & Time 2023-02-03 09:30:00

Venue JISP Country office

Workshop for the technical advisors for building their capacity from 1-3 February 2023

Training on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

DATE & Time 2023-01-24 09:00:00

Venue Silauto Cottage, Anamnagar

Four Days of training under the project entitled " Community Based Disaster Response and Managenemnt in Kathmandu Metropolitan City"

Rescue good kit Training

DATE & Time 2023-01-11 09:30:00

Venue Kanya Mandir Ma. Vi

Training under the project " Community Based Disaster Response and Managenment in KMC"