Disaster Model Wards Sharing activity

DATE & Time 2024-05-02 09:45:00

Venue Kathmandu Nepal

Disaster Model Ward Sharing is groundbreaking activity unveiling cutting-edge Disaster Risk Reduction model wards crafted by the CBDRM project in KMC wards 15, 17, and 27.

DRILL for earthquake and fire preparedness

DATE & Time 2024-04-24 16:05:00

Venue Ward #27 KMC

Drill focusing on responding for the earthquake and fire hazard will be conducted in the ward no. 27 of KMC. This program will provide awarenes to the community on effectively response during disaster

Earthquake and Fire Drill

DATE & Time 2024-03-07 12:21:00

Venue Ward #15

The simulation for the earthquake and fire will be done at ward #15 of Kathmandu metropolitan City. The drill will be done by the Technical Advisors and Volunteers of the ward #15

Community Awareness on DRR and MHPSS at KMC

DATE & Time 2024-02-28 14:20:00

Venue KMC, ward 27 and ward 15

Community based awareness program focusing on the disaster risk reduction and Mental Health and Psychosocial Support will be demonstrated at ward 15 and 17