Program Team

Kshitij Sharma- Program Coordinator 

Kshitij Sharma is currently involved as the Program Coordinator (PC) in the National Federation of Youth NGOs (NYFN) Nepal. He is an environmental graduate and currently pursuing his Master's in Environmental Health and Disaster. He is a highly motivated youth with an interest in Disaster Risk Management (DRM), Environment, Public Health, and Geographical Information Systems. He has good experience and knowledge in projects and research related to DRM, Environment, Public Health, and Policy.. His pivotal role as PC at organization encompasses developing intervention plans, stakeholder collaboration, developing project execution plan, and ensuring well documentation of the project. His noteworthy contributions at organization include developing the much needed documents Disaster Management Volunteer Action Plan and Rescue equipment guide book; organizing training programs, developing the community awareness tools, website management, and guiding his team for the effective execuation of the project activities.


Rashmi Sedain-Project Coordinator

Rashmi Sedain is a dedicated Public Health professional with over 5 years of impactful experience in Nepal's public health sector, including pivotal roles in USAID-funded projects. Currently a Project Coordinator at NFYN for the 'Partnership for Healthy Cities' initiative, Rashmi skillfully coordinates diverse stakeholders to drive initiatives aimed at elevating air quality and public health outcomes. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Public Health and a Masters in Social Science, her multidisciplinary background enriches her holistic approach. Rashmi's fervent interest in data-driven public outreach and education underscores her commitment to fostering informed, positive change within communities, making her an inspirational advocate for healthier urban futures.

Laxmi Poudel - Accountant

Laxmi Poudel has been working and managing Finance and Administration in NFYN and has more than 3 years expereiecne in related feild. Apart from this she has well experience in the program and has worked as the Sr. Program Assistant and Financer Officer in REST Nepal. She is proficient in her related fieild having the Bachelors in Business Studies and is currently a Masters level student of the Business studies. She is verstile in addressing various organizational needs, including Diplomatic and professional when communicating with stellar time management and multitasking expertise.


Chandani Jha- Program Officer

Chandani Jha is a Public Health graduate who is currently pursuing law at Nepal Law Campus.  She is a highly motivated, enthusiastic Public Health Professional who has acquired practical, field-based knowledge and experiences in public health initiatives and research. She has prior experience working with young and adolescents, as well as facilitating capacity-building training on health promotion. She had previous knowledge of reporting and documenting community scorecard outcomes, vulnerability risk assessment, and health system resilience. She is currently involved as Program Officer(PO) in NFYN, where she undertake a diverse range of critical roles to drive NFYN initiatives forward. Her responsibilities encompass reporting of events and ensuring every detail is accurately documented. As a PO at the organization she has played a vital role in developing Volunteer Action Plan, a much needed action plan for the disaster managenment volunteer, furthermore she has supported in developing the impactful toos for community awarness related to DRR and MHPSS. Lastly, she manages organization's social media, harnessing its potential to engage broader audiences and foster a vibrant online community. 

Nisha Sunar, office secratary

Ms. Nisha is the office secratary of the NFYN. As an Office Secretary, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the office. She responsible for  providing support to program and managenment team.